Compact Disc (CD)

Debut Album Released 30 Sep 2022




Experimental-Pop-threesome SixTurnsNine are back with their first full-length album “Borders”. It contains 10 songs in roundabout 40 minutes time.The guys themselves describe their music as Minimal Non Pop. Within their sound pathos from the Proto-Goth era and beats reminiscent of the golden era of Trip-Hop in the late 1990s meet primal Post-Punk power and hippie vibes. Discreet industrial glitches and well-tempered dark ambient sound collages provide additional tension.

Theme-wise “Borders” is a relentlessly intimate self-reflection, dealing with the perpetual quest for orientation in the flood of emotions, which are always triggered by the light and dark sides of life. This also involves a change of perspective: When are we masters of a situation? When are we just followers and driven? Where do we cross the dividing line between self-determination and external control? The search may lead into some kind of limitation game. What these limits and borders are all about is a matter of perception: positive or negative? Retreat or prison?

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